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A wonderful,simple,yet extremely addictive puzzle game with challenging solutions in which the player is presented with a grid of bulbs,a power source and connectors. The objective is to place connectors to light up all the bulbs on the grid,so that every bulb is lit connecting through power source.
The trick to achieve a high score in the game,is to light all the bulbs in lesser moves of connectors. Lesser moves lead to higher efficiency and less time consumption resulting in higher scores.


  • Simple and amazingly addictive game.
  • Game statistics with Top 10 High score listing.
  • Use 'Q' and 'P' for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation.
  • 3 levels - Small, Medium and Large for different users.
  • Ideal for a quick game play.


$ 4.99

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Main screen of Light Bulbs
Puzzle Layout - Initial stage
Puzzle Layout - In Progress
Puzzle Solved


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