BlackBerry Curve 8520 Apps and Games

Slide Lock - Slide To Unlock
Slide Lock automatically locks your keyboard when the back-light goes off to prevent unwanted key press activity. No more accidental calls because you forgot to lock your phone!

Battery Booster
The most advanced BlackBerry Battery Booster and Power Manager to optimize your BlackBerry for Peak Performance!

Protect your privacy with this unique and best security application for your BlackBerry. Password protected application which protects specific applications on your BlackBerry without locking the entire device!

Fake Call
Fake Call app lets you schedule a fake calls to yourself at any time specified by you, just in case you ever need an excuse to get out of an awkward situation.

Live ScreenSavers
Bored with still and dull wallpapers?? Get stunning animated screensavers and spice up your BlackBerry.

Call Blocker and Screener
Block annoying calls based on a set of one or more profiles (WhiteList, BlackList, AddressBook Only, No Calls, etc) or schedule different profiles to switch automatically according to preset time!

Jeweled Game
Play the ultimate Jeweled Game! Link chains of identical sparkling jewels -- move fast or lose this precious game!

Lock BlackBerry Messenger : Password Protect BlackBerry Messenger
Password protect access to BlackBerry Messenger without locking the entire device!Lock for BlackBerry Messenger app allows you to prevent unauthorized access to BlackBerry Messenger.

Coconut Curumba
An ultimate fun, addictive game Coconut Curumba on your blackberry. The goal is to guess which coconut covers the ball.

Multi Alarm World Clock
Multiple Alarms, World Clock, Countdown Timers and StopWatch - all rolled into one! With a clean and beautiful user interface this app brings the unified functionality of iPhone Clock on your BlackBerry too.

AddTo Calendar Email Task Memo
With AddTo you can create Appointments, Task or Memos out of your Emails and SMS in single click! No need to manually select-scroll, copy-paste or switch between applications.

Auto Lock allows your phone to lock the keypad after a set amount of time, and choose applications that can override this!

Empower Threaded SMS
View your SMS chats in threaded conversation with IM style reply. Group conversation by contact instead of a simple list just like iPhone.

Lock Facebook : Password Protect Facebook On BlackBerry
Lock Facebook for BlackBerry app allows you to password protect access to Facebook without locking the entire device! Prevent unauthorized access to the Facebook app on your BlackBerry while leaving the device open.

BlackBerry Ringtone Creator
No more boring ringtones!! Easily create your own Ringtones directly from your BlackBerry. Ringtone Creator app allows you to create ringtones from the MP3 files on your phone.

AddressBook Cleaner
Merge All of your Duplicate Contacts with One Click! Now you can merge duplicate and redundant contacts based on selected criteria.

Bill Tracker
An easy way to keep track of your bills and has the added benefit of keeping records,scheduling for bills due,adding bill reminders!With Bill Tracker,you'll always know exactly what you paid or have to pay and when you have to pay it.

BlackBerry Period Tracker
A lifestyle calendar for women. It can be used to track menstrual periods to monitor a woman physical conditions and schedule activities around the fertility cycle accordingly.

Call Later AutoSend SMS
CallLater allows you to ignore incoming calls and send quick SMS to the caller. When you are busy and cannot take a call,simply press the Ignore button and it gives you a set of SMS to click and send.

Fancy Smiley Pack : BlackBerry Messenger Icons, Fancy Characters and Smileys
More than 1000 Smileys, Fancy Characters, Country Flags and Picture Icons for BlackBerry Messenger, SMS, Email, PIN, IM and Status Messages! Install Smiley Pack and chat in style with BlackBerry Messenger icons.

Media Lock
If you want to protect your valuable and sensitive private data such as photography and videos,you need Media Lock. Media Lock for BlackBerry is a privacy app that protects your Media Folder.

SendLater is an innovative app that allows you to pre-schedule your Text SMS, Emails and Calls to be sent at a later date and time!

BlackBerry Filters and Mail Rule Manager
Create email filters for BlackBerry & watch your life go simple. Sort messages by sender and create auto forward,auto reply or even auto delete rules and much more!

Empower Work Folders
Empower BES Mail Box provides a dedicated access to your work emails. Separate your Work(BES) and Personal(BIS) Emails!

World Clock
World Clock lets you see the time and date in any area of the world. It's quick, stylish, simple yet a powerful world clock that you can carry around on your BlackBerry.

Email SMS Popup
Now you can instantly preview incoming Email and SMS messages to see what is sent and who has sent it when the message arrives without a single click.

Call Notes
Take notes after each call! Call Notes Pro lets you add Note,Event,Memo and Task every time you hang up the call!Call Notes allows you to take notes after a call along with many other functions.

Add Contact App
Quickly add new phone numbers to New or Existing Contacts in your BlackBerry Address Book soon after you talk to them! No copy-paste or switching of apps at all. Single click operation!

Email Templates
Create reusable templates for different type of business leads and next time you get an email query,you don't need to type the same message again,just choose a template and simply hit 'Send'.

Email Spam Filter
No more unwanted emails! Filter all SPAM in one go! Create spam filters right from your BlackBerry Messages app in a single click and send all Spam to oblivion. Download today!

Secure Photo
Take secure encrypted photos on your BlackBerry. Automatic password encryption for all photos taken by BlackBerry Camera! Now hiding photos is very easy!!

Forward SMS as Email
With this app,you can easily send SMS to multiple recipients from your BlackBerry device.This feature allows you to send Bulk SMS from any E-mail Client/Application to any email id.

Call Logs
Call Logs app allows a user to generate call log reports. The reports include all placed, received and missed calls. Keep a backup of these reports through emails.

Empower SMS Viewer and Composer
Empower SMS Viewer is a fully device based application that enables you to view and compose rich format SMS right inside your native SMS application.

Missed Call LED
Set custom color LED, for missed calls on your BlackBerry.Missed call LED allows you to customize the color of LED when a missed call is received.

Task Manager and Process Viewer
TaskManager for BlackBerry enables you to view a list of all running applications, view performance chart over time and see detailed system info like Free Flash Memory and Battery Temperature etc.

Reboot Device
Restart BlackBerry will restart your phone immediately with just a click of a button. No need for a battery pull or pressing assortment of buttons to reboot your device!

Video Shots
Interesting, funny, witty or personal and family videos,whatever you have,Video Shots allows you to grab picture frames from inside your Video right on your BlackBerry.

Stop Tilt
Disable automatic rotation of screen on Storm! Use your Storm from the comfort of your bed without worrying about orientation!

Always Ring
With Always Ring app, you can set your phone to ring even when it is on silent/vibrate mode for your important contacts. So now you do not have to miss any important calls!!

Beyond Limit
Now SMS without the 160 character limit! Beyond Limit allows you to go beyond your usual character limit in a single SMS and send it as multiple messages!

Unsend Email
Unsend Email basically delays all your outgoing email so that you can recall them if you made a mistake.

FlashLight In One Touch
Try the new Flashlight app and turn ON the cameralight of your mobile whenever you need it. Enable the camera flash with the Flashlight.

Menu Battery
Check your Battery status instantly without going back to the main page. Battery info is an app that gives you more specific information about your battery.

SMS Popup Alerts
SMS Popup Alerts is a nice little addon that improves your productivity by miles!It allows you to preview incoming SMS on your BlackBerry HomeScreen and Reply or Forward them quickly in single click!

Personal Voice Assistant
Voice Reminder is an easy-to-use app designed for BlackBerry devices that allows you to set voice reminders on your device.

Menu Calender
A nifty Calendar app that shows the date in your Menu. So if you want to check the date anytime without going into your native calendar, just go to menu.

Auto Redial
Too lazy, tired or pained with redialing a number that is coming up busy again and again? Auto Redial does it for you! Just set auto-redial and it will keep dialing until connected!

Betris is a game involving different colored dropping bricks that you try to align. The goal is to prevent the pile from reaching the top and ending the game.

Email Hooter
Email Hooter gives you hooter alerts whenever you receive an email. Now you can know instantly when important messages arrive without constantly checking your phone.

Snakes Game
A new take on an old classic Snake game! Your goal is to lead the snake to all the coins and bonus. But remember-don't run into yourself!

Watch out for mines in this all time super classic game of Minesweeper now on BlackBerry. The object of the game is to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine.

Light Bulbs Deluxe
Ultimate light bulbs fun,simple and addictive puzzle game for BlackBerry. The objective is to place connectors to light up all the bulbs on the grid,so that every bulb is lit connecting through power source.

Snowfall Screensaver
Now make your BlackBerry come alive this winter with this Snowfall Screensaver app.

Advanced Tip Calculator
The fastest and easiest method of calculating tips! A must have app for all the foodies out there! Split your bills and mail them instantly!

Crazy Cabbie
Introducing Crazy Cabbie,a simple yet challenging car racing game for BlackBerry. The idea is simple,drive as fast as you can and clear your lap race to score points.

Bubble Pop
Ultimate bubble pop fun,simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to remove bubbles from the grid by clicking groups of two or more adjacent like colored bubbles.

Shortcut Keys
BB Shortcut app lets you create shortcuts for native as well as third party applications on your BlackBerry. BB Shortcuts can organize your applications,create shortcuts for easy access.

Daughter in the Box
Play the ancient Japanese puzzle game Hakoiri Musume (Daughter in the Box) now on your BlackBerry.The goal is to slide the blocks so that you can move out the innocent daughter to the exit.

Photo Dial
Now Visual Photo Dialer for your BlackBerry! Photo Dial allows you to Call,Email or SMS your contacts by simply clicking on their photos.

Play the mentally challenging SokoBan puzzle game on your BlackBerry.The objective is to move the pyramids and place them to their appropriate location.

Cube Field
A highly addictive game where the goal is to navigate your ship through a treacherous field of cubes. The aim is to drive as far as possible and score the maximum points.

Random Password Generator
Random Password Generator is simple and straightforward—start the app and select the criteria for the password required. A random password is then generated.

Save The Island
The classic strategy game of Save the Island is now available on your BlackBerry. The goal is to save your Island and it's people from the intruders by fighting him a deadly battle in Crocodile Valley.

SMS Counter
Keep track of all the text messages that you send and receive each month from your phone with SMS Counter!SMS Counter will count all your text messages.

Save The Cake
Play an ultimate fun, simple and addictive game Save your Cake. The goal is to save your cake from bouncing balls, dodging them by moving left or right.

Gold Panic
Gold Panic is an addictive puzzle game in which your goal is to collect all the gold nuggets inside the level by pushing them into your little car while avoiding obstacles.

Email Screenshot
Email Screenshot app allows you to take screenshots on your BlackBerry device quickly and easily send screen shots to your contacts. Customizable options with more features are provided with his app.

Same Ball
Ultimate addictive Same Ball color lines game for your BlackBerry.Select any ball and move it to an empty location to group it with balls of same colors.

Ultimate Solitaire card game on your BlackBerry involving a layout of cards with a goal of sorting them in some manner.

An ultimate strategic game on your BlackBerry. Qilox is a competitive game in which your goal is to capture 75% of the play area while avoiding the enemies.

Counter is quite a simple application. This application allows you to keep simple statistics by counting the various components.

Immix Ball Game
An ultimate ball game of skill and logic. Your goal is to combine three or more balls of the same type. You loose the game if the stack of balls crosses the red line at the top.

Airplane Mode
This app will helps to manage your phone to connect to WiFi networks (Wireless Internet) while on Airplane Mode.

Atomix is a great little nifty puzzle game. The goal is to assemble a molecule from the atoms and arrange the atoms into a specific shape before the time's up.

Menu Date Time
Now with just a single click on menu button on your device, you can view the date and time in the option menu list in the preferred format! It displays date and time in the Option Menu.

Play the fantastic helicopter game Chopper on your BlackBerry. Use your skills as an elite Chopper pilot to navigate your way through the treacherous tunnel without slamming into the walls.

BackLight ON
'BackLight ON' keeps your phone's backlight ON until you turn it OFF. It prevents the unwanted backlight OFF when you are watching a video or an image .

Marble Lines
Play the fun and addictive logic game Marble Lines on your blackberry. The idea is to destroy marbles by forming groups of 3 or more marbles of the same color before they fall into the hole.

Priority Buzz
With Priority Buzz you can set different LED colors (along with an option of vibrate) to those important calls which otherwise you'd have missed if your phone was on silent.

Stacks is a competitive game of timing where you race against the CPU to knock off blocks from the 'Stack'.

Call Counter
Call Counter collects the duration of calls, incoming and outgoing. It allows you to view how long you have talked in a specific time frame.

Application Info
Application Info can be used to access any native app info with just one click! You'll be able to view information like Application name, version, size, flag, handle, description, power ON behavior, vendor etc.

Bubble Shooter
Play the classic Bubble Shooter game on your blackberry where you have to shoot bubbles and clear them by forming groups of 3 or more of the same color.

Copy PIN
To use BlackBerry Messenger, users must share their BlackBerry PIN with other users. With this app,share your device PIN with the other users easily.

Share the wisdom with friends and family too!Dedicate at least a minute everyday to read great quotes to energize your lives! Improve your philosophical knowledge with this great app!

Light Bulbs Deluxe Christmas Edition
Light Up The Christmas Trees! Ultimate Christmas Tree fun - simple and addictive puzzle game for BlackBerry.

GPS Coordinate Convertor
Now convert coordinates from Deg Min Sec and Decimal Degrees to GPS coordinates.A simple app that lets you convert between different coordinates.

Mortgage Calculator
Calculate mortgage of your home. Just enter certain values like loan amount,loan term,interest rate etc and calculate the amounts you will have to pay on your mortgage.

Minute Saver
Minute Saver app vibrates after a user specified time when an outgoing call is placed so that you'll get notified earlier when a minute of the call is over.

Mileage Tracker
Mileage Tracker is an app that helps you track whats in your tank. This app allows you to track your vehicles mileage and analyze its performance and efficiency.

Ohm's Law Calculator
Ohm's Law Calculator applies to electric and electronic circuits and allows you to calculate values for Ohms,Amps,Watts and Volts. By using Ohm's law,you are able to find the resistance of a circuit,knowing only the voltage and the current in the circuit.

Free Device Memory
Free up the device memory on your Blackberry Smartphone with Free Device Memory app.Boost the performance of your device by automatically freeing up your runtime memory.

Percentage Discount Converter
Want to know instantly that how much discount is being offered to you by the shopkeeper?? Percentage discount converter app is the solution. With this app you can convert your percentage/discount problems.

Running App Alert
Get alerts for any running applications on your device at a specific time chosen by you. It alerts you for any missed Voice mail, missed phone calls, SMS, PIN messages and Emails.

Network Info
Network Info app for BlackBerry displays information about the phone and the current network connection.

Simple Tip Calculator
Simple Tip Calculator allows you to calculate tip for your food bills and splits it among multiple parties.

Web Search
Now get a fastest web search on your BlackBerry with this amazing app. Web Search app has been designed for BlackBerry to save time while searching for data on the internet.

Missed Call Alert
Missed Call Alert app will alert you of a Missed Call when you miss a call. It enables the users to have customizable LED,sound,vibrate notifications for missed call events.

Bedside Mode
Relax completely with this amazing app.Bedside Clock Mode turns your BlackBerry device into a clock that would not interrupt you with calls or messages while you sleep.

Running Apps Info
With the Running Apps Info, you can see the list of all the running applications on your device with just one click! Now stay informed and save battery.

Toggle WiFi
Now you can instantly click on the WiFi without going into the settings!! With the app, Toggle WiFi, you can switch WiFi ON-OFF in just a single click!!

Toggle Network
Now switch your mobile network in just single click! Toggle Network is an app which can switch mobile network on/off.

Signal Booster
Lost your signal? This app gets it back in one touch! Refresh signal of mobile connection and WiFi with Signal Refresh app.

Start LED
With Start LED,you can assign a LED color per contact so when you get a call, it will blink in the color selected for the person trying to contact you.

Toggle BlueTooth
Toggle Bluetooth app turns your Bluetooth device ON & OFF with just one click! This is a must have app for everybody using a Bluetooth headset or hands-free kit.

Toggle Contact Filter
Now search contacts with ease in your BlackBerry.Toggle Contact Filter app can toggle between the two main BlackBerry contact categories i.e. Personal & Business with just one click!

Run multiple timers simultaneously with Timer app. Timer provides you with a bunch of useful timers. You can start as many timers as you wish and also add and personalize new timers.

Stop Watch
Stopwatch is a simple stopwatch application. It includes a lap timer and pausing functionality. It is a classic stopwatch application with lap times. You can add as many lap times as you want.

Upcoming Events
With Upcoming Events, you can create a note or reminder in your calendar and post it directly to your home screen. Upcoming Events app works with your calendar and tasks to display them as wallpaper on your device.

Random Signatures
Give your emails a new look! With this app, you can automatically insert new and funny signatures in your emails every time.

Empower Wallpaper Shuffler Premium Edition
Make your BlackBerry come alive with lovely wallpapers. Empower Wallpaper Shuffler will automatically download and shuffle new wallpapers every day.

SwipeLock automatically locks your keyboard when the backlight goes off to prevent unwanted keypress activity.

Matrix Screensaver
Now get animated Screensavers for BlackBerry smartphone. The Matrix screensaver shows the famous Matrix code moving across your device screen vertically.

Copy Contact
Now copy any contact information into your contact list! Copy Contact simply copies a contact information into your BlackBerry contact list.

Memory Info
Memory Info is an app which shows you the memory information of your device such as Device Memory, SD Card, Flash, RAM.

Show Event Log
With this app,you can view any errors and exceptions generated on your device.

Digital Menu Clock
Menu Clock is an application that displays Time conveniently in your Menu. Just with a click on menu button of your device,the Time will be clearly displayed on the top of the option in menu list.

Vibrate On Call Connect
Get notified automatically when the other party has received your call. This application will vibrate the phone when an outgoing call is connected.

Battery Charging ScreenSaver-Device charging Screen
Battery Status Screensaver displays a charging screen with full screen display of battery status while device is charging or its idle.

Battery Charging ScreenSaver
Get animated Screensavers for BlackBerry smartphone.Battery Status Screensaver displays a charging screen with full screen display of battery status.

Secure Camera For BlackBerry-Password Protect Your Camera and Video Camera
Secure camera app for BlackBerry allows you to password protect access to your camera app. You can also prevent unauthorized access to your camera if your camera is assigned to any of the convenience keys.

Sparkling Snowy Winter Theme for BlackBerry
Beautify your BlackBerry with Snowy Winter Theme!! Now Rejoice your Fond Winter memories.

Beam Reader - Like Pulse for BlackBerry!
Beam is like Pulse for BlackBerry! A beautiful visual news reader application that makes reading news fun and exciting!